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The FNTC undertook a video project profiling First Nations to celebrate their successes in using property taxation to build their economies and generate revenues. The intent was to revisit the past 25 years of First Nation property taxation in Canada and allow First Nations themselves to share how property taxation has impacted their community and what it means to them.

Kwaw kwaw Apilt, Leq’ a: mel, Skowkale and Aitchelitz video transcript

Background on communities’ property taxation.
Hi I’m Lisa Hall, Property Tax Administrator for four Bands. Skowkale, Leq’ a: mel and Kwaw-kwaw-Apit started collecting property taxes in 1995 through INAC and moved to taxing through the Fiscal Management Act between 2009-2012. Aitchelitz signed their property tax laws in 2012. The property tax revenues between the four communities is about 1.1 million dollars.

Why did these First Nations get involved in collecting property tax?
Bands entered into taxation in order to create their own source revenues in order to finance local programs and services which include water and sewer, garbage collection, recreational and cultural activities and future economic developments.

How does property tax support economic development in these communities?
The property tax laws through FMA have allowed First Nation jurisdiction of their lands, strong enforcement powers, access to the venture financing and additional local revenue jurisdictions through property transfer taxes, development cost charges, and also service taxes.

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