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23rd Sep 2014 | by: FNTC

Since its inception in 2007, the FNTC has been tracking a host of needed changes to the First Nations Fiscal Management Act (FMA), many of which were raised by First Nations, to make the legislation more flexible and responsive to the needs of First Nation governments and taxpayers. In 2012, the Minister of Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development (AANDC), in response to a FMA statutory requirement, tabled a Report to Parliament outlining legislative recommendations advanced by the FMA fiscal institutions (First Nations Tax Commission, First Nations Financial Management Board, and First Nations Finance Authority).

In recent months, the proposed amendments in the Minister’s Report, along with new recommendations, have served as the basis for discussions between AANDC officials and the FMA fiscal institutions.

An important recommendation from the Report is to bring about a single regulatory framework for First Nation property taxation in Canada.

This recommendation aims to achieve greater efficiencies by removing duplication and was a key objective of the original FMA legislative initiative.

Other recommendations call for expanding local revenue to include fees and charges, providing clear authority for First Nations to collect costs of enforcement, reducing the administrative burden of section 6 notification, and clarifying annual law timing requirements and expenditure law authority.

A detailed presentation of FNTC’s recommendations will be made at the First Nations Tax Administrators 21st Annual National Forum to be held at Songhees Nation, BC on September 23-25, 2014. A similar presentation will be given the following week at the Canadian Property Tax Association’s Annual National Workshop in Winnipeg, MB.

As the discussions with AANDC officials evolve, FNTC will provide updates on the recommendations and any legislative timetable proposed by federal officials.


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