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5th Nov 2014 | by: FNTC

The First Nations Tax Commission (FNTC) has taken care to update and improve the information on this site, and will continue to work to update the site to keep you informed about the FNTC services and First Nations who are implementing their property taxation jurisdiction.

The home page includes current feature stories and important FNTC news and announcements.

The “About FNTC” menu bar includes information on the FNTC including its mission and mandate, planning and reporting.

The “News” menu bar includes stories and information related to property taxation, jurisdiction, building economies and community success stories.

The “Property Taxation” menu bar includes information regarding the legislative framework for implementing property taxation (the FMA and s.83 of the Indian Act) and provides sample laws, standards and explanatory notes to help First Nations begin the process of implementing their property tax systems.

The “Resources” menu bar includes guide books and publications including the “Real Property Taxation Guide”, Frequently Asked Questions and the archive of newsletters.

The FNTC invites your feedback on the new site and will use suggestions to continually improve the website and ensure it meets your needs.

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 The purpose of the FNTC goes far beyond property tax and local revenues.

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