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Certificate in First Nation Applied Lands Management

Certificate in First Nation Applied Lands Management

The Tulo Centre and Thompson Rivers University (TRU) are gearing up to start the second cohort in the accredited certificate program in First Nation Applied Lands Management.

This certificate offers a technical and hands-on approach, creating a practical skillset in surveying, mapping, GIS, planning and parcel/boundary principles. The focus of this program is on applied land management, which culminates in a project that applies the skills learned to an existing issue in each student`s community.

Instructors make an effort to tailor to the environments of the students’ First Nation communities. Much of this will involve an open dialogue between students and instructors on what planning, mapping and data capture/surveying methods would most effectively work in their home communities.

The program is geared towards individuals working in First Nation lands management and development roles; those doing business with First Nations; and local, provincial or federal government employees involved with First Nation lands management systems.

During this certificate program, eight courses are completed in one-week increments, face-to-face at TRU. The courses are Data Capture 1 & 2, Digital Mapping 1 & 2, Land-Use Planning 1 & 2, Land Tenure, and an Independent Research Project.

The Tulo Centre has also developed a student bursary program to provide limited financial support to individuals working for First Nations in Canada to attend the accredited certificate program.

Applications are currently being accepted, so if you or someone you know is interested in taking this program, we encourage you to apply by visiting, or emailing The next cohort will be starting this August and will run until April 2020.

Certificate in First Nation Applied Lands Management

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