First Nations Tax Commission – Commission de la fiscalitè des premières nations

Volume 12

Issue 03 Winter 2019
Advancing First Nation FMA Cannabis Fiscal and Regulatory Proposal

Issue 02 Fall  2018
Building the First Nations Infrastructure Institute

Issue 01 Summer 2018
Our Lands, Our Jurisdiction, Our Institutions: First Nations Leading the Way – May 15 – 17, 2018

Volume 11

Issue 04 Spring 2018
Cover Story: Our Lands, Our Jurisdiction, Our Institutions: First Nations Leading The Way

Issue 03 Winter 2018
Cover Story: Defining a First Nations fiscal relationship with the Crown

Issue 02 Fall 2017
Cover Story: FMA First Nations and Institutions mark 10 years of progress

Issue 01 Summer 2017
Cover story: ?Akisq’nuk First Nation implements service tax to upgrade water system infrastructure for leased properties

Volume 10

Issue 04 Spring 2017
Cover Story: Public Policy Forum – Expanding the Circle

Issue 03 Winter 2017
Cover Story: New Brunswick Taxing First Nations SNB service agreement

Issue 02 Fall 2016
Cover Story: Infrastructure Institution needed to address $25 billion infrastructure deficit among First Nations in Canada

Issue 01 Summer 2016
Cover Story: A new fiscal relationship for First Nations

Volume 09

Issue 04 Spring 2016
Cover Story: FMA Amendments Empower First Nations

Issue 03 Winter 2016
Cover Story: Improvements to the Standards for First Nation Tax Rates Laws 

Issue 02 Fall 2015
Cover Story: The Legacy of Clarence Jules Sr. 

Issue 01 Summer 2015
Cover Story: Parliament Passes FMA Amendments

Volume 08

Issue 04 Spring 2015
Cover Story: FNTC, FNFMB, and FNFA Urge All Parties to Amend the FMA

Issue 03 Winter 2015
Cover Story: Development of FMA Amendments

Issue 02 Fall 2014
Cover Story: Tsilhqot’in Decision

Issue 01 Summer 2014
Cover Story: Yellow Quill First Nation

Volume 07

Issue 04 Spring 2014
Cover Story: The Future is First Nation Revenue Jurisdiction

Issue 03 Winter 2014
Cover Story: First Nations Expand Fiscal Powers

Issue 02 Fall 2013
Cover Story: Business Activity Tax

Issue 01 Spring 2013
Cover Story: Best Practices in Budgeting and Rate Setting

Volume 06

Issue 04 Winter 2013
Cover Story: BC Assessment Seeks to Improve Service

Issue 03 Fall 2012
Cover Story: Premier Applauds Commission Work

Issue 02 Summer 2012
Cover Story: Long-term Vision for Tzeachten

Issue 01 Spring 2012
Cover Story: Leadership Perspective

Volume 05

Issue 05 Winter 2011
Cover Story: TRU Honours First Tulo Centre Graduates

Issue 04 Fall 2011
Cover Story: FNTC Seeks Improvements to FSMA

Issue 03 June 2011
Cover Story: FSMA Review Proposes Improvements

Issue 02 March 2011
Cover Story: Commission Reviews BC Carbon Tax Measures

Issue 01 January 2011
Cover Story: Commission Convenes National Meeting

Volume 04

Issue 03 Summer 2010
Cover Story: National Meeting

Issue 02 Spring 2010
Cover Story: Annual Laws 2010 Changes

Special Issue 2010
First Nations Property Ownership Initiative

Volume 03

Issue 04 December 2009
Cover Story: Focus Group Convened

Issue 03 Fall 2009
Cover Story: Taxpayer Representation

Special Issue Spring 2009
Commemorating 20 Years

Issue 01 Winter 2009
Cover Story: FNTC Receives Heraldic Emblems

Volume 02

Issue 03 Fall 2008
Cover Story: FSMA Participation Grows

Issue 02 Summer 2008
Cover Story: Songhees Enacts First Laws

Issue 01 Winter 2008
Cover Story: Thirty-three FNs Move to FSMA

Volume 01

Issue 01 Fall 2007
Cover Story: FNTC Holds Inaugural Meeting


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