First Nations Tax Commission – Commission de la fiscalitè des premières nations

Press Release: Commissioners Appointed To The First Nations Tax Commission

  • Ms. Celine Auclair
  • Ms. Leslie Brochu
  • Mr. Lester Lafond
  • Mr. Ken Marsh
  • Mr. William McCue
  • Mr. Randy Price
  • Ms. Ann Shaw
  • “These appointments send an important signal to taxing First Nations, their taxpayers and to investors,” said C.T. (Manny) Jules, Chief Commissioner of the FNTC. “The First Nations Tax Commission will play a critical role in creating an environment for public and private sector investment on reserve, and in improving the overall economic conditions of First Nations.” Mr. Jules said he was eager to get to work with his new colleagues. “The collective depth of knowledge and experience of the new Commissioners in the field of property taxation will provide a strong foundation for the First Nations Tax Commission.” As part of the transition, ITAB will continue its services until the Commission begins operations.]]>

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