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Renewing Indigenous Economies Through Creative Destruction

Renewing Indigenous Economies Through Creative Destruction

In November 2018, The Tulo Centre of Indigenous Economics released a working paper – Renewing Indigenous Economies Through Creative Destruction.

This paper discusses the 30-year story of public institution innovation success that continues to be represented by the work of the First Nations Tax Commission (FNTC) and the First Nations Fiscal Management Act (FMA).

When the First Nation institutional framework supports continual innovations,  it will provide a necessary condition for a sustainable First Nation economy.

The paper explains the detailed elements of this strategy including:

  • The importance of public institutional innovation as pre-requisite for economic growth.
  • The historical evidence for sustainable Indigenous economies supported by Indigenous institutions and the destruction of these institutions for First Nations in Canada.
  • The First Nation legislation and institutional development and renewal process.
  • Applying this framework to two important questions:
  1. If there is so much pressure for First Nation and Indigenous institutional change, why is it occurring so slowly?
  2. What further institutional innovations are required to speed creative destruction of the colonial framework?

This paper has been presented numerous times to various groups and has been well received by academics, government, First Nation and tribal leaders.

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