First Nations Tax Commission – Commission de la fiscalitè des premières nations
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FNII is a First Nations led initiative that will support improved First Nations infrastructure outcomes by providing the skills and processes necessary for First Nations to plan, procure, own and manage infrastructure assets.

The problems with the current First Nation infrastructure system are well known. Infrastructure takes too long to develop, costs too much to build, and does not last long enough. This reality contributes to poor social and economic outcomes. The First Nations Fiscal Management Act (“FMA”) provides two important innovations to improve the First Nation infrastructure system:

  • Access to longer-term capital
  • More fiscal powers to build more sustainable infrastructure, sooner

While these two innovations are providing significant benefits to First Nations, other innovations are required to ensure delivery of the required level of sustainable, high quality infrastructure within First Nations.

FNII is designed to provide the skills and processes necessary to ensure First Nations efficiently and effectively plan, procure, own, and manage infrastructure assets on their Lands.

  • First Nations led. FNII will be a First Nation led organization that works to deliver First Nation owned and controlled infrastructure
  • Infrastructure focused. An organization focused solely on planning, delivering and managing infrastructure for First Nations.
  • Legislation backed. Amendments to the First Nations Fiscal Management will establish FNII to ensure its ongoing stability and recognition.
  • Standardized best practices. Utilizing national and international best practice to manage risks through robust planning, procurement and management.
  • Centre of excellence. A centre of excellence for First Nations infrastructure that will work with, and transfer knowledge to, First Nations.



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