The Canadian Property Tax Association (CPTA) is happy to provide the readers of Clearing the Path insight into the Canadian Property Tax Association (CPTA). Our organization has worked with the First Nations Tax Commission (FNTC) for over 10 years, providing commentary and support on FNTC legislative reform and implementation of property tax initiatives. Prior to formation of the FNTC, the CPTA worked closely with the former Indian Taxation Advisory Board.

The CPTA was founded in 1967 and brings together a uniquely qualified array of top corporate property tax officers, lawyers, tax consultants, and government officials. The CPTA consists of four regional chapters being British Columbia, Ontario, Quebec and Eastern Canada, and Western.  A Board of Directors oversees the membership and operations of the CPTA on a national level and provides guidance and support to the four Chapters.

The CPTA’s focus is to advocate from the perspective of the taxpayer, and our statement of policy includes that “Assessment of real property should be based on market value, provide fairness, equity, simplicity and predictability, and be economic to administer.”  The CPTA also supports that “Property assessments should be based on an annual, common valuation date and the actual state and condition of the property as of that date.”

The constitution of the CPTA sets the aims and objectives of the organization as follows:

  • to provide a forum and information exchange in the field of assessment and taxation of property
  • to promote the equitable assessment of property tax purposes along sound and uniform lines
  • to study existing and proposed legislation and make representations to Governments
  • to perform such other functions as are consonant with the foregoing purposes.

The CPTA keeps our membership informed of current issues and developments through informative luncheons, education seminars hosted by the individual Chapters, and a bi-monthly newsletter, Communication Update. The CPTA also takes an active role in consultation with government and participates in numerous stakeholder committees providing insight from the taxpayer’s point of view. In 2019, we have been particularly active in our work with assessment changes in the province of Alberta and in Ontario.

In the fall of each year our members gather at a National Workshop for 3 days of learning seminars, and the opportunity to network with other experts from across Canada.  FNTC has been a longtime presenter at the National Workshop, and the CPTA appreciates the support and attendance of FNTC at the workshop.

Most recently, on September 18, 2019, in St. John’s NL, FNTC’s Deputy Chief Commissioner, Mr. David Paul, along with Director, Policy and Law Review, Mr. Trenton Paul presented a FNTC national overview to our delegates. We were also privileged to meet with FNTC Chief Commissioner, Mr. CT (Manny) Jules and the recently appointed Chief Operating Officer, Ms. Marlene Gaudry.

The CPTA and the FNTC are aligned in our objective of promoting transparency and clarity. The FNTC’s efforts in communicating with stakeholders through its website, First Nations Gazette and this newsletter are commendable.  We at the CPTA look forward to continuing to build the relationship between our organizations through continued and productive dialogue.

Shawna Burke-Martin                                        Mark Cathro
Executive Vice President, CPTA                        Chair, Western Chapter – CPTA