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Understanding Assessment of First Nation Lands

Understanding Assessment of First Nation Lands under the First Nations Fiscal Management Act and section 83 of the Indian Act. First Nations contract with qualified, independent assessors to assess the leases, licenses and other occupations of their lands (generally referred to as “interests in land”).  Over the past 30 years, a national approach to assessment of these interests in land has developed.  To understand the approach and the reasons for the approach, it is important to understand the key elements FULL STORY

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An Indigenous infrastructure institution will help First Nations create sustainable, safe infrastructure to support the growing needs of their communities.

Healthy, vibrant communities need consistent access to energy, sanitation and clean water, as well as reliable transportation and communication. Governments invest in infrastructure to create lasting economic, social and environmental benefits for its citizens. In turn, citizens contribute to the growth, progress and innovation of their communities. Many First Nation communities are built with substandard, and in some cases, non-existent infrastructure. The lack of basic needs, at worst, puts the health and safety of the community at risk. At best, FULL STORY

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Defining a First Nations fiscal relationship with the Crown

Federal Minister of Justice: “We all need to continue to be strong proponents of change” The FNTC has long championed the notion that a new fiscal relationship for First Nations should be built on a foundation of clear government powers and authorities that are not financed by transfers, but are instead financed by a core of clear revenue authorities. On October 13, 2017, as part of regional engagements lead by a member of the AFN Chief’s Committee on Fiscal Relations, FULL STORY

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