First Nations Tax Commission – Commission de la fiscalitè des premières nations

Press Release: FMA Receives Royal Assent; All-Party Support For First Nation-Led Legislation

Indian Act and will be responsible for regulatory oversight for First Nation property tax under the legislation.    Bill C-20 also provides, for participating First Nations, stronger enforcement powers, mechanisms to improve property tax payer relations, and access to the full range of benefits offered through the legislation. Today, more than 20{04c007b4c99e76f463a2d39781dc5d274a49b4d1180222afecc996711fa192ff} of the First Nations in Canada collect property taxes, generating more than $44 million in revenue. “For current and future First Nation property tax authorities, this is an important step beyond the Indian Act and a critical improvement to the First Nation property tax system.  Today, these First Nations have a choice and new institutions to support economic growth”, said Chief Crowfoot.]]>

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