The First Nations Tax Administrators Association (FNTAA) is holding its National Forum and Annual General Meeting at Osoyoos First Nation on Sept. 26-28, 2012. 

The association will be calling for a special resolution to amend their by-laws and constitution, which will include proposed changes to their membership rules.

One of the main proposed changes is to provide special designation to graduates of the Tulo Centre of Indigenous Economics, which provides academic programs for First Nations tax administration and economic development through a working relationship with FNTC and the Thompson Rivers University.

As one of the first graduates of the program, FNTAA President Ernest Jack says his educational experience has inspired him and other graduates to build better networks in the wider business community. 

“Most communities don’t realize that First Nations tax administrators have a new way of looking at economic development,” says Mr. Jack on the Tulo program. 

“A tax administrator can help to develop the basic legal and administrative framework that will allow First Nations to tap into those resources to make economic growth come alive.”

He says he hopes FNTAA will also attract professionals in fields other than tax administration.

“The specialized knowledge we get from Tulo does not just apply to tax administrators but also other professionals working for First Nations as economic development officers and land managers.”

The proposed criteria for FNTAA membership includes the following:

  • Completion of Tulo Centre of Indigenous Economics Certificate in First Nations Tax Administration. May be waived with two letters of reference and, until June 2013, ten years of experience in the field
  • Membership in the First Nations Tax Administrators Association
  • Minimum of five years experience in First Nations tax administration
  • Complete application form with resumé and sponsorship letter
  • Commitment to First Nation Tax Administrator Code of Ethics

For more information about the proposed changes and FNTAA, please visit their website at www.fntaa.ca.