Annual Laws under the First Nations Fiscal Management Act

In this webinar, FNTC Legal Counsel Marie Potvin discusses and breaks down annual laws under the FMA. This webinar highlights: Annual Laws and the FMA Every First Nation that is taxing under the First Nations Fiscal Management Act (FMA) will enact two laws each year: the annual tax rates law and the annual expenditure law. Annual Tax Rates Law The annual tax rates law must be made in compliance with the FMA and the standards for First Nation Annual Tax FULL STORY

September 27th, 2019|

An Introduction to FMA Service Tax Laws

Watch as FNTC Legal Counsel Marie Potvin introduces the FMA service tax law. This brief but informative webinar outlines: Service Tax Laws & the FMA The FMA includes a specific First Nation law-making power for the “taxation for the provision of services in respect of reserve lands.” Using this power, first Nations can levy a service tax to pay the costs of providing service – related infrastructure to reserve lands. The First Nation borrows the funds required to build the FULL STORY

September 27th, 2019|

The Canadian Property Tax Association

The Canadian Property Tax Association (CPTA) is happy to provide the readers of Clearing the Path insight into the Canadian Property Tax Association (CPTA). Our organization has worked with the First Nations Tax Commission (FNTC) for over 10 years, providing commentary and support on FNTC legislative reform and implementation of property tax initiatives. Prior to formation of the FNTC, the CPTA worked closely with the former Indian Taxation Advisory Board. The CPTA was founded in 1967 and brings together a FULL STORY

September 25th, 2019|

The FNTC welcomes Commissioner Georjann Morriseau

The First Nations Tax Commission (FNTC) welcomes Georjann Morriseau as a Commissioner. In June 2019, Georjann Morriseau was appointed for a term of five years. Commissioner Morriseau is from Thunder Bay, Ontario, and is a former Chief and Councillor of the Fort William First Nation. She is currently the Director of Indigenous Affairs and Government Relations for Resolute Forest Products for Ontario and Quebec.  “I wish to congratulate Ms. Morriseau on her appointment to the Commission,” said FNTC Chief Commissioner FULL STORY

September 20th, 2019|

FNTC and Southern Chiefs Organization sign MOU

The First Nations Tax Commission (FNTC) and the Southern Chiefs Organization (SCO) signed an MOU on September 18, 2019 in Winnipeg, Manitoba; as part of the Chiefs-in-Summit meeting, to formalize a partnership to work on developing a tax framework that will lead to more self-governance.  The MOU was signed by SCO Grand Chief Jerry Daniels and FNTC Chief Commission Manny Jules. “Business is happening all around us and we are not involved. They are operating in our territories and should FULL STORY

September 18th, 2019|

Update from BC Assessment: Two Important changes to Vancouver Island First Nations for 2019

Mobile Home Assessments Leading up to the preparation of the 2019 First Nation assessment rolls, BC Assessment conducted a review of all Mobile Home assessments on Vancouver Island. This review included verification of all existing mobile home improvements using both aerial imagery and on-site inspections, and a review of the land assessments for those homes, including research of comparable fee simple sales of mobile homes off reserve. The result was significant increases for mobile home assessments. This assessment review was FULL STORY

February 20th, 2019|
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